The Steve Smith/Janoris Jenkins beef just got real, guys. Like, really real.

On Sunday afternoon, Smith told reporters that he's going to punch Jenkins in the face if he ever sees him in the streets. He claimed that Jenkins said something disrespectful about his wife during the Rams/Panthers game and that he is not the one to play with when it comes to taking trash talk too far. 

"That's kind of some of the bullshit I just don't play with," he said.

And yesterday, he reiterated that point during a radio interview with WFNZ The Fan in Charlotte. He said that he doesn't mind talking trash. But he does mind when a guy like Jenkins takes it too far.

"I talk mess and I love talking mess and that's part of the game," he said. "But I would never walk up to a guy—first of all, I don't really know [him] outside of watching him on video—and Google his wife's name and her birthday and call her outside of her name and call that in the jest of sportsmanship or gamesmanship."

But apparently, all bets are off now that Jenkins crossed the line. So Smith did talk a little more trash about Jenkins and his four kids during the radio interview.

"It sounds like he needs to wear some condoms," Smith joked. "That's what it sounds like he needs to wear."

Damn. So far, no response from Jenkins. But something tells us this won't be the last time we hear about these two going at it.

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[via The Big Lead]