They say that you learn something new everyday, so after you read this story on the Nuggets' Randy Foye, you can check that off your list today. In an interesting story by Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post, we discover that Randy Foye has a condition called situs inversus, which, according to Nuggets guard, means "everything is a mirror image, flipped around. Your organs are reversed, so my heart isn’t on the left side, it’s on the right side. And my liver isn’t on the right, it’s on the left. A little different, right?”

He can say that again. Foye discovered that he had the condition when he was taken to the hospital at the age of 9 after catching the flu which eventually turned into pneumonia while playing football. 

The U.S. National Library of Medicine reports that this condition occurs in one out of every 10,000 people. And while it doesn't necessarily hinder his performance, it does offer up an increased likelihood of bronchitis and respiratory infections.

Foye believes that he is the only player in major American sports with this condition.

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[via Denver Post]

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