Jaxson de Ville—the mascot for the Jaguars—has a gambling problem. That problem? That he keeps betting on the Jaguars!

Prior to Sunday's Colts/Jaguars game, Jaxson made a bet with the mascot of the Colts. That bet called for whichever mascot's team lost to get shot with paintballs from point blank range. The number of paintballs that the mascot would have to take would be determined by the number of points scored in the game. So after watching his Jags lose 37-3 to the Colts, Jaxson had to take 40 paintballs to the chest.

Just give it up already, dude! You might—might!—have a chance of winning a bet this week if you take the Jags against the Rams. But Jacksonville is truly terrible this season. So you should really stop making bets based on their performances. It's for your own good.

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[via Deadspin]