Have you ever sat back and wondered, "Who is the real Dwight Howard?" Hmmm…probably not. Between his exodus out of Orlando and his seemingly never-ending free agent saga that played out this summer, ain't nobody got time for that.

But just in case you are the world's biggest Dwight Howard fan, you should know that he just revealed that he's teaming up with EPIX to release an original documentary called EPIX Presents Dwight Howard: In the Moment. It will feature exclusive footage of Howard struggling to make a decision as to where to sign this summer as well as an in-depth look at his childhood and his path to the NBA.

"The 2013-14 NBA season is a pivotal year in my professional career," he said yesterday. "I am excited about being a Houston Rocket and grateful for the opportunity to be seen in an in-depth manner."

At this point, we've had just about enough of Howard and don't want to see him do anything besides play basketball. But we're sure that someone out there is excited about a Dwight Howard documentary. Er, right? Someone? Anyone? Hello?

[via Pro Basketball Talk]