What you'll see in the GIF above is a look at two broken men somehow still standing after going through it for almost five full rounds. The saying goes hell is other people, and Cain Velasquez (13-1) and Junior Dos Santos (16-3) proved just that to each other last night.

The two faced off in the rubber match of their trilogy and ended up giving us one of the best fights of the year. It was also a pretty brutal one. Dos Santos and Velasquez looked about even in the first round, but Velasquez dominated his opponent in the later rounds as if he kept remembering that it was Dos Santos who gave him his only loss. Velasquez won in the fifth round by TKO to defend his Heavyweight Championship.

Dos Santos narrowly avoided being TKO'd in the third round after surviving a pummeling. He showed heart by fighting through the damage, but the fight came to an end when he slipped and landed on his head because of a failed choke attempt. Velasquez capitalized and came out the victor with a champion face that says in bold, "Do Not Fuck With."

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[via Middle Easy]