Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos put up 51—51!—points against the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. Putting up 51 points in a football game isn't uncommon in the college or high school ranks. But putting up 51 points is pretty unheard of in the NFL, especially against a team with a pretty decent defense like Dallas. So if the Broncos were able to put up 51 points against the Cowboys, how many are they going to hang on the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday?!

Hmmm…We're going to say, like, 35 or 42. The Broncos will probably hit the brakes once they open up to a big lead and then get Manning some rest in the second half. But oddsmakers have already listed Denver as a 28-point favorite against Jacksonville. And once again, a 28-point spread is pretty common in college football. But one NFL team "giving" another NFL team 28 points is just crazy. In fact, assuming the line stays at Denver -28, it will be the biggest point spread in NFL history. It will also make the Broncos just the 12th NFL team ever to be favored by more than 20 points before a game.

All of that said, who ya got? Broncos -28 or Jaguars +28? The Jags do have Justin Blackmon back in the lineup, and he made a bit of a difference yesterday. But something tells us that, if they wanted to, the Broncos could hang 100 on the Jags. So we would stay far, far, far away from betting on the underdog next weekend.

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[via Bloomberg]

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