Is Tim Tebow headed to the Arena Football League? Well, that's up to Tebow because earlier today, the Los Angeles Times reported that the LA KISS, owned by the group Kiss, have offered the 26-year-old nomadic quarterback a three-year contract "with the possibility for Tebow to earn millions."

In a press release, the team made a heck of a pitch that Tebow should probably, at least, listen to. "As a former NFL player, the LA KISS will offer intense training and unwavered commitment to the former New England Patriots player, with the hopes to take him to the next level, the release said. "The chance for Tebow to improve as a quarterback is immense as the AFL is a pass-happy league with 90% of the league's offensive plays coming from throwing the ball." 

Hey Timmy, we understand that your dream is to be an NFL quarterback, but at the end of the day, don't you just want to play the game of football more than anything else? If that's the case, here's your opportunity to do just that! Take the offer, improve your game and maybe you'll find yourself back in the NFL.  

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[via Los Angeles Times]