The NFL is doing everything they can to make the sport of football safer right now. But are they doing it at the expense of innocent dogs, mice, rats, and other animals? PETA says they are. And they sent out a wild email last night to ask supporters to sign a petition that calls for the NFL to stop their inhumane studies using animals. That email also included a crazy GIF of a rat getting its neck crushed during some type of experiment. You can see it over here if you've got the stomach for it.

Here is the entire letter that PETA sent out:

The NFL season has been underway only for a week, but PETA is already throwing a flag against the league for unnecessary roughness—against animals.

Today, PETA released evidence—including shocking photos—showing how for years, the NFL Foundation has quietly funded horrific and deadly sports-injury experiments on dogs, mice, rats, and other animals at universities and private laboratories, including Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of California–Los Angeles.

In these projects, many of which are ongoing, dogs are inflicted with severe knee injuries, after which they are killed and have their legs cut off; rats have heavy weights repeatedly slammed into their heads to create brain and spinal cord injuries and skull fractures; and mice have their heads cut open and crushing blows delivered to cause traumatic brain injuries.

Bashing in animals' heads is wrong, and experts agree that these horrible experiments don't actually reflect the complex injuries sustained by football players.

Tell NFL officials to stop funding cruel and wasteful experiments on animals and to instead support humane and relevant non-animal research methods.

Thanks for your support and all that you do for animals!

Justin Goodman

Justin Goodman
Laboratory Investigations Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 

Crazy, right? Well, most PETA emails are crazy. But this one is especially crazy, even by PETA standards. The NFL hasn't responded yet.

[via PETA]