Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been really hesitant to name his starting quarterback for Week 1 of the 2013-14 NFL season. And up until now, we thought that that was because he was trying to throw the Buccaneers—the Jets' first week opponent—off course. But as it turns out, Ryan just has absolutely no idea who is going to play QB for him this season.

We got some crystal clear evidence of that earlier today when the Jets announced that they were signing Brady Quinn, making him the fourth quarterback on the Jets roster. Despite the fact that they already have Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, and Matt Simms on the depth chart, the Jets added Quinn, who was just released by the Seahawks, because…well, we actually have no idea why they did it. And we're betting that they don't even know why they did it. It just seems like they aren't confident with any of the quarterbacks they have. So why not take a chance on another one?

Quinn's stay in New York City might be a short one. If Sanchez is able to play anytime within the next couple of weeks, Quinn will likely get released. Then again, for all we know the Jets will keep Quinn and let him start all 16 games this season. It is the Jets, after all, so who the hell knows?!

For now, the quarterback confusion in the Big Apple continues. Anyone care to guess when it will end?

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[via ESPN New York]