It's been a looooooong season for the Houston Astros. As expected, they're one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball, and their fans haven't had much to cheer about as a result of it. But yesterday, they got a small sliver of sunshine when this groundskeeper decided to bust a few moves between innings of a game against the Mariners.

The groundskeeper's dance number is making the rounds on the 'net right now and giving 'Stros fans at least one thing to be proud of this season. The guy isn't exactly the best dancer in the world. But hey, at least he's a better employee than this guy, right? Yeah, we would say so.

Is there any way the Astros can just cancel the rest of their games and have this groundskeeper put on a one-man show for the next month? We would watch that. Bud Selig? Any thoughts?

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[via SB Nation]