"2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" was one of 2Pac's best songs. It doesn't have the emotional gut punches of "Dear Mama," the galvanizing power of "California Love," or the grit of "Fuck The World." But that doesn't matter. It ain't nothing but a gangsta party, and Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg knew how to do gangsta. It's bouncy, belligerent, and defiant. In other words, it's exactly what you'd want in a clubby, thrill seeking record. It can—and should be—played in dorms, car stereos, hallways of every kind, and weddings. Yes, weddings.

Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem knew this when he married his college love, Faith Rein. New York Times published a profile on the couple's relationship from college to the marriage ceremony on Aug. 24 at Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach. After the two exchanged vows, they walked up the aisle to 2Pac's jam.

It makes sense because if the two were going to take their time getting married, they might as well have done it their way. It just turns out 2Pac is involved in that direction. Of course, congratulations are in order for the newlyweds.

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[via New York Times]