Sports: Basketball & Football
Career Years: Basketball (1994-2005) Football (1990-1994)

Charlie Ward was a marginal point guard averaging 6.3 PPG and 4 APG throughout his 11-year career. From the mid '90s throughout the early 2000s he gained a rep as the New York Knicks scrappy defensive-minded general. Ward's greatest athletic accomplishments came years earlier when he dominated on the football field for Florida State. As FSU's quarterback he won the 1993 Heisman Trophy, and led the Seminoles to a national championship in the 1993 Orange Bowl.

Ward joined the NBA after being selected 26th overall by the New York Knicks. The talented QB said he chose the NBA over the NFL after he was not guaranteed more than a third-to fifth-round pick in the NFL Draft. Ward was also drafted as a pitcher by the Milwaukee Brewers. He is the first Heisman winner to play in the NBA. This dude had the opportunity to play three sports professionally and we can't even dominate our rec league. #lifeaintfair