The Legends of the Summer concert is a huge deal; huge enough to have Miami hero LeBron James in attendance. Apparently, it was so huge that police absolutely had to get James there. He also had to be there in a timely fashion, too. But alas, the traffic was preventing that from happening. 

James doesn't simply get prevented from doing anything, so if the rules have to be bended for him to succeed, then be it. Except here James and the police didn't just "bend" the rules. This is the #NewRules era and in this landscape absurdities like seeing police escort James through oncoming traffic isn't too absurd. Because this is LeBron James, and this is a Justin Timberlake/Jay Z concert we're talking about here.

Once again James wins, and of course "Started From The Bottom" would be playing in the car as the whole situation is happening.

James narrates the ride in the above Instagram video: "Police escort on the wrong side of the street. Headed to the big homie concert. JT. Holla." He says this completely nonchalantly, because treatment like this is a regular deal for King James.

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[via LeBron James]