San Francisco

Hubba Hideout is the only spot so iconic that the word hubba has become the generic term for any ledge down stairs. Wade Speyer's 1989 crooked grind at Hubba Hideout was the first of what would be many legendary tricks at the now gone ledge. Hubba quickly became a proving ground for anyone looking to make a name in skateboarding. For skaters in the '90's and early 2000's, a knowledge of who did what at hubba was essential. Brian Anderson and Carl Shipman both did notable front blunts, while Steve Olson did multiple insane 180 nosegrind variations in Foundation's Tentacles Of Destruction. The obvious top trick at Hubba is Eric Koston's backside noseblunt which can be seen on the cover of Transworld's 1998 photo annual and in The Hot Chocolate Tour. 

Best TrickEric Koston, Backside Noseblunt