Carlsbad, Calif.

By all accounts, the Carlsbad Gap is no good. There are cracks and the landing is uphill. The ground is slick and the drop is unforgiving. Yet Carlsbad became an iconic spot because it was in the heart of professional skateboarding. There were plenty of pros to skate it and plenty of filmers and photographers around to document what went down. Kris Markovich set things off in 1994 with a kickflip. After that, many people did tricks there but Jeremy Wray did the most and the gnarliest. Throughout the years he frontside flipped it in a line and frontside 360ed it among other tricks in Second Hand Smoke, then he backside heelflipped it Element World Tour. Before the gap was destroyed in 2012 Transworld held the Last Times At Carlsbad High contest and a whole new set of rippers earned a spot in the Carlsbad Gap history book.

Best TrickJeremy Wray, Frontside 360