Cortland Finnegan isn't content with simply making his opponents mad anymore. He apparently wants his teammates to be pissed off at him, too. So he just introduced a game that is now known as "Smack Cam" to the St. Louis Rams locker room.

What is it? Well, we could sit here and explain it to you. But we would much rather show you. All we'll tell you is that it involves Finnegan—and several other Rams—running around and smashing whipped cream pies into their teammates' faces (the only rule is that whoever takes a pie to the face must be wearing team-issued gear at the time). And before long, we're sure it's going to cause a fight in the Rams locker room. We're also sure Finnegan will be in the middle of that fight.

Here are a few of our favorite "Smack Cam" Vines so far, courtesy of the Rams:

Looks like a fight waiting to happen, right?

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[via Eye on Football]