It's August 1. And you know what that means, right? Right?!? IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL! We can't wait. To help hold us over until the end of the month, when the first college football games of the season will take place, the annual college football preseason top 25 poll was just released. Here's who made the cut:

  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Georgia
  5. Texas A&M
  6. Stanford
  7. South Carolina
  8. Florida State
  9. Clemson
  10. Florida
  11. Kansas State
  12. LSU
  13. Louisville
  14. Boise State
  15. Oklahoma
  16. Northwestern
  17. Utah State
  18. Texas
  19. Oregon State
  20. Vanderbilt
  21. San Jose State
  22. Cincinnati
  23. Nebraska
  24. Northern Illinois
  25. Tulsa

Yep. This year's preseason list is filled with teams like Utah State, San Jose State, Northern Illinois, and Tulsa. This season is going to be fun. Now can it please get here as quickly as possible?

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[via USA Today]