While Kenny Anderson wasn't necessarily a great player, he was certainly fun to watch during his years as a New Jersey Net. After coming up in Queens, Anderson had the camera flashes with his fancy—albeit sometimes sloppy—style of play. Nowadays he spends time on an off-Broadway show titled the Penis Monologues, a "sort of stage play/therapy session/storytelling contest" according to SB Nation.

The production led to Anderson revealing a troubling childhood secret: He was molested twice. Once was by a man in the neighborhood and the other time by somebody in the youth basketball community. This is a secret he held on to for years, and his celebrity played a big part on how he kept it hidden:

I don’t think it killed me, like it killed some other kids that’s been molested. You can really take a lot out of a kid for the rest of their lives. I think without the fame, without the basketball celebrity notoriety it might have been more difficult for me."

As shocking and sad as the revelation is, there's good that can come from it. Anderson knows this:

The bottom line, if I could help somebody and they see Kenny Anderson got molested and he’s talking about it, now people are going to come out and maybe be able to tell their story. I wasn’t going to do it, but the trigger went off for me and it just had to be done.

We couldn't imagine how hard it was for Anderson. Props to him for taking this step.

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[via SB Nation]