A year ago, no one knew who Johnny Manziel was. No one. He was just another college football player. In fact, he was so anonymous that he regularly used fake IDs, and no one thought twice when he showed them to bouncers at the doors of bars and nightclubs.

But today, life is much different for Johnny Football. Much, much different. He can't go to a frat party, attend a football camp, or, hell, send out a tweet without everyone making a big fuss over it. It's gotten so crazy that his father Paul Manziel worries about his future. And in an excellent new ESPN The Magazine piece, writer Wright Thompson takes a closer look at Manziel's life and what it has become over the course of the last 365 days. It's the story that every college football fan—and every sports fan, for that matter—is talking about right now.

You can read the piece over here. We guarantee it will give you an entirely new look at the life and times of the only college football player to ever win the Heisman Trophy as a freshman.

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[via ESPN OTL]

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