In case you were wondering how two-time All-Star guard Baron Davis is doing, he's doing just fine, which is remarkable since he was allegedly abducted by aliens. He went on The Champs podcast (which features comedians Neal Brennan and comedian Moshe Kasher) and said the abduction happened when he was driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles two weeks ago:

I was like, in this fucking steel thing, you know, these crazy looking people, half-human, half like, ugly motherfuckers. They were poking me on my nose and shit. They had my hands tied up and next thing you know, I’m in Montebello.

I'm driving I see a light. I think it's like a big truck and I'm driving to the light and it's like red and white and it's bright. And the next thing you know...

Afterwards I pulled over…did I just fucking fall asleep? I had the shakes. Now, I’m sharper and shit. I’m retaining information. Maybe it was the Illuminati.

Which brings up the question what would aliens want with Davis? Maybe to compete in a cartoonish intergalactic game of basektball a la Space Jam? Who knows, but a bright light does seem to be a running thread in these types of stories. Prodigy described a bright light when he recounted his exterrestrial encounter.

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[via Fansided]