Udonis Haslem—who, along with Dwyane Wade, currently serves as a co-captain of the Heat—wants Ray Allen to stay with the team next season. He wants him to stay real bad. How bad? Well, it sounds like Haslem wasted absolutely no time when it came to talking to Allen about his intentions for the 2013-14 NBA season. Shortly after the Heat beat the Spurs in Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals, Haslem tracked Allen down in the shower (!) and spoke to him about coming back next year.

"I put the bug in his ear in the shower after the game," Haslem said yesterday. "I told him, 'I'm not going to put no pressure on you. I'm not going to ask you what you're going to do. But just know that I'm thinking about what you're going to do.'"

Uhhh...okay? Allen didn't give Haslem a definitive answer—he was, you know, in the shower and all—but other members of the Heat organization also went on the record yesterday to say that they're going to try to convince Allen to stay for another year as well. So will he? That's obviously still TBD. But if it were us, we would not want to make Udonis Haslem mad. So Allen better think long and hard about what he wants to do before he makes a decision.

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[via ESPN]