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Mike Goodson hasn't exactly been having a great year. First, he signed with the Jets.

OK, we kid, but things just haven't been going right since he signed with New York. Goodson got charged with drug and gun possession last month, and now, he's facing paternity charges for four children he allegedly fathered between 2005 and 2011.

According to ESPNAshlee Wilson is suing for "retroactive child support, lump-sum child support and health insurance."

Wilson originally sued Goodson in 2010 for support of three children, but she never pursued the case. She didn't say why, but now she's after him after he signed the three-year/$6.9 million contract with the Jets.

This case is the latest in the Goodson legal struggle. He was once hit with three paternity suits within the span of nine months, sued by a jewelry store for a $56,000 bill he didn't pay, and recieved two eviction notices for not paying rent. Get it together dude.

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