When DeSean Jackson parted ways with his former agent Drew Rosenhaus recently, it was widely reported that he did it because he wanted to sign with Jay-Z's sports representation agency Roc Nation Sports. But as it turns out, there may be another reason D-Jax decided to make a break from Rosenhaus. According to a grievance that Rosenhaus reportedly just filed with the NFL Players Association, Jackson owes him $400,000 in unpaid loans. He claims Jackson took out the loans at various times between November 2009 and March 2012 when he served as Jackson's agent.

Fortunately, Jackson should be good for it. He signed a five-year contract with the Eagles in 2012 and will receive a bunch of guaranteed money after next season. But this is not a good sign for the talented wideout. He's at the peak of his career and he's already not doing well when it comes to money. So that doesn't bode very well for his future.

We hope that Jackson signs both a new agent and a new accountant sometime very soon.

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[via Yahoo! Sports]