NEWSFLASH: Spurs guard Danny Green can shoot! He can shoot really, really well. So well that, if San Antonio beats the Miami Heat tonight and takes home the NBA title, Green will probably end up winning the Finals MVP award. He's been that good during the series.

It sounds like the Heat have finally realized just how good Green is, too. Earlier today, Chris Bosh was asked about the sharpshooter, and he provided a promise for Game 6 of the Finals. Bosh said that Green will not be open tonight. Like, at all.

"He won't be open tonight," he said.

So is Bosh planning on going out and guarding Green himself or…? Because from what we've seen so far in the series, it's not that the Heat aren't trying to guard Green. It's just that Green is, like, the fourth (or even fifth!) option on the court at times and is simply shooting the lights out whenever his man fails to stick him.

Whatever the case, good luck to the Heat! If they plan on completely shutting down Green and compensating for it by letting other guys like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker beat them, they're going to need it.

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[via J.A. Adande]