Here at Complex RIDES, the summer, more than anything else, means windows down, radio dials up. Well, that's if you even have dials in your car anymore, with all these touchscreens taking over. No matter, an ultimate summer evening in our world involves some great music, our girl in the passenger seat, and preferably a scenic road to cruise down. The music part is the key.

The radio these days is a black hole. You'll be hearing the same songs over and over and over, with commercials about community college and specials at the local nightclubs in between. Even satellite has become annoying with all the talking the hosts do. That's why it's essential to have some sort of aux or bluetooth hookup in your ride to connect your phone. To help you guys out, we've assembled the ultimate summer playlist. With some tracks made for gentle rides and others made for shaking every window in your neighborhood, (in no particular order) these are The 25 Best New Songs To Blast in Your Car This Summer

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