When word got out that Vinny Del Negro wasn't coming back as head coach, people thought Chris Paul and Blake Griffin had a lot to do with the Clippers' decision. The firing was more than likely an attempt to keep CP3 happy in Los Angeles going into free agency season.

Except two things:

1. A source told ESPN that Paul wanted nothing to do with the decision regarding Del Negro. Griffin had nothing to do with it either.

2. Paul is actually angry with the Clippers organization because of the blame he took for Del Negro's firing.

A source close to Del Negro said Paul indeed was the reason he was fired, while another source says the Clippers' front office were at odds with the ex-coach throughout the season, so they didn't need player input.

Regardless, what's done is done. But for now, can the organization get CP3 in a Clippers uniform next season?

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[via ESPN]