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There's a team out there that really, really wants to sign Tim Tebow right now. And the best part? They don't play in the Legends Football League, aka the Lingerie Football League.

The Omaha Beef (don't laugh!) called Tebow earlier today to gauge his interest in joining their squad. They are an indoor football team, and they are willing to pay the former Jets QB a whopping $75 per game to play for them. There's no guaranteeing Tebow would get a chance to start at quarterback. But current shot-caller James McNear says he would be more than willing to teach Tebow some of the tricks of the trade.

"I think Tim can learn a lot from me," McNear said.

Hey, anything's better than sitting around and praying that the Jaguars come calling, right? The Beef are waiting, Tim. Anytime you're ready, holler at them.

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