Former Alabama offensive lineman D.J. Fluker accepted money from agents while he was still in college. Er, maybe.

Earlier today, the NFL Draft prospect sent out this tweet to his followers:

The tweet seemed to indicate that Fluker had accepted money from agents while attending Alabama. However, just a few minutes later, the tweet disappeared and Fluker's account was deactivated. And, a short time after that, his agent claimed that Fluker's account had been hacked:

Unfortunately, we've heard the old "my Twitter was hacked!" excuse so many times now that we're skeptical as to whether or not Fluker was actually hacked. But, to be honest, does it really matter? Either way, Fluker is going to the NFL later this week. And, either way, the NCAA still has a big problem on its hands when it comes to college athletes accepting illegal payments. So this incident probably won't affect this kid's future at all.

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[via Lost Letterman]