Event: 2005 NFC Wild-Card Game, Vikings vs. Packers
Date: 1/9/2005 

After effectually ending Green Bay's season with a fourth quarter touchdown, Randy Moss celebrated by pretending to moon the Lambeau faithful. Before Moss could pull up his mimed knickers, Joe Buck interjected, "That is a disgusting act by Randy Moss, and it's unfortunate that we had to air it live."

Wow, Joe. For a guy who punctuates brain hemorrhaging football hits with "that guy just got his bell rung," you sure do have delicate sensibilities. The call was made all the more embarrassing when it was pointed out to him that Packers fans often moon the opposing team's bus, and Moss humorously played to that tradition. Whether you call it a fail or just Buck being Buck, it's definitely his lamest on-air moment.