Inside Jerry Seinfeld's Super Secret Manhattan Garage

These are the first pictures inside the sweetest garage in NYC.

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On a quiet upper west side street in Manhattan is the hiding place for Jerry Seinfeld’s multi-million dollar collection of Porsches. Seinfeld, who lives a few blocks away in a penthouse on Central Park West, had the 3-story subterranean compound constructed in 2001. According to architectural diagrams, it features 4 separate garage spaces, an elevator, a club room with a pool table, a kitchenette and bathroom, and a sizable office.

Inside, Seinfeld houses a rotating roster of his 46-car Porsche collection including an ultra-rare 959, a 1955 550 Spyder (identical to the one James Dean was driving on the night of his death), and the first 911 ever produced. 

The temperature within the garage is strictly monitored by a high-tech HVAC unit on the roof and it’s been reported that Seinfeld, when not on site, can access a video link on his smartphone that will display a real-time feed of the interior and exterior of the complex.

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