Father Time wasn't too gracious when it came to contract signings yesterday. The Houston Texans ran out of time on negotiations with Ed Reed because of a Pitbull concert scheduled later that day. Denver didn't have to deal with infectious club music ruining its paperwork. However, it did had to contend with the dreaded fax system.

Elvis Dumervil had verbally agreed to take a $4 million pay cut, and all he needed was to send a signed fax copy of the official contract. Unfortunately for Dumervil and the Broncos, Denver didn't receive a signed copy of the fax until seven minutes after the 1:59 p.m.(Mountain Time Zone) deadline. It seems like this snafu is Dumervil's camp's fault, as this Yahoo! Sports article states that front office chief John Elway said Denver sent the contract proposal by 11 a.m.  that day with a 1 p.m. deadline.

ESPN is reporting that the NFLPA is looking further into the situation.

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