New York Knicks fans: Your worst nightmare has come true. All of those older veterans that you scooped up in the offseason are starting to drop like flies, which will no doubt make it even tougher for you to contend with the likes of the Heat and Pacers in the NBA Playoffs. The latest one to fall? Rasheed Wallace. He's been working through a painful foot injury for awhile and trying to get back out onto the court. But, he's now been diagnosed with a broken foot and will be out at least eight weeks—or the remainder of the 2012-13 NBA season. It is possible that he might make it back in time for the playoffs. But, how healthy will he be at that point? Or, better yet, how in shape will he be at that point? Sigh. The dream season you were hoping for might be over, guys.

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[via Eye on Basketball]