When compiling the 50 Most Badass Nascar Rides, memories of the golden days of stock car racing flooded back. It was time when brand vs. brand competition wasn't just about speed, but style too. And, for that, a time when cars that won on the track during the weekend one on the lots on Monday.

This weekend in Daytona, Ford is bringing the Fusion to NASCAR. The process began two years ago, with a series manufactures started working on the next generation race cars. We'll be seeing more accurate embodiments of stock cars (the Fusion has a 3D grille as opposed to the old decal). A Ford car has won three of the last four Daytona 500s.

With the Chevy SS also in action, NASCAR's return to stock looks should also promote anew the great brand rivalries that fueled the sport in the '70s and '80s.