About five months ago, Mario Chalmers came out and said that he thought he would land on the "front end of the top 10" in a list of the top point guards in the NBA. And, at the time, we all laughed. Mario Chalmers as a top-five point guard?!? Um, yeah….okay.

But, now that Chalmers is once again saying that he's a "top 10" point guard, we're just puzzled. Like, is this guy really serious? It sure sounds like it—although, to his credit, he seems to have dropped himself down a few spots.

"I'd say top 10," he said recently. "I'm not in the lower part [of the top 10], I'm in the middle part. I just have confidence in myself. I think I can compete with the best of them. That's how I feel no matter what people say or what people think."

Forget what we say or think, though. All Chalmers needs to do is look at his 7.7 points and 3.4 assists per game and…oh, nevermind. Let him think whatever he wants to think. We know where he really falls.

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[via Ball Don't Lie]