Usually when some combination of an STI, child support, and Twitter is mentioned in a combination, a whole lot of anger and Caps Lock are involved. All three were involved in LeSean McCoy's Twitter battle against "Steph." Apparently, the running back was expressing his discontent about paying Steph child support for what seems to be an unplanned pregnancy; he tweeted "i hit u n a week without knowing ya name." He then goes on a Twitter rant in which he says these mean, jerk-like things to Steph, completely disregarding the fact she's mothering his child:

But Steph just wasn't having it. She responding with a disrespectful list of grievances which mentioned the size of his manhood, his fathering skills, herpes, and...just how much of a bad person she thinks McCoy is. You can catch the vitriol, which isn't for virgin eyes, in the thumbnails.

That's not all either, because two more people got involved: McCoy's current girlfriend, Sydney Alex, and Miami Hurricanes running back Duke Johnson. Unsurprisingly, Alex threw a few shots back at Steph, which can also be seen in the thumbnails. Johnson, the only remotely reasonable one in this entire dispute called McCoy's maturity into question, which is pretty justifiable from the looks of it:

That junk lesean McCoy is doing on twitter right na is not cool.... Then u have dumb fans hyping him up like that's cool.... #LOSTOFRESPECT

— Duke Johnson(@BrickByBrick_8) January 27, 2013

One random Philadelphia fan didn't take too kindly to the criticism at all and replied with a bunch of hateful tweets which Johnson didn't respond to (kudos to him). McCoy has since deleted his Twitter, which was probably for the best.

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[via Black Sports Online]