Are you a Lakers fan? Have you been disappointed with what you've seen out of Dwight Howard so far this season? Are you worried that he might not be as good as advertised? Well, then we have just one word for you: RELAX!

In a recent interview with USA Today, Howard admitted that, while he's feeling better everyday, he's still recovering from the back surgery he had in April. There are times when he still can't feel his feet at all and times when he gets winded really quickly. But, over the course of the 2012-13 NBA season, he feels as though he'll get back to being the same Dwight Howard that everyone knew and loved prior to his surgery.

"I'm still in that process," he said. "People don't understand that. They just come out and see me make a couple dunks and blocks and say, 'Oh, he's back.' But, it does take a while for all this stuff to heal. This is not something easy, so I understand that. It will come."

Yes, it will. So, relax, Lakers fans. The real Dwight Howard will be back soon enough. And, who knows? Maybe he'll start hitting a free throw every now and then, too.

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[via USA Today]