Brent Barry: It’s more of an awareness rule. For the league to come out and talk about fining guys, it sort of reminds me of when a few years back David Stern wanted to impose a dress code, and guys needed to come and dress a little bit more respectful to their line of work. It was more of just letting players know that they need to be aware of what they’re doing. That was off the court and this was on the court. I don’t see it as an impactful ruling, and obviously there are a million questions about enforcement of this rule, but just the fact that they’re aware of it and that the players know is important.
Chris Webber: I think that it should be installed and named the Vlade Divac rule because he’s the one who originated it along with the European aspect of the game. I’m very happy about the rule, and I hope it’s enforced, and I hope it changes the mentality of the game to go back to a more physical “be a man” play basketball type of game, so hopefully it has a great impact on this game.
Greg Anthony: When I initially heard it, I was not a fan. I thought it was kind of silly to go down that path, but if it can eliminate some of the flopping, I think the league benefits. We’ve always had flopping, but it has gone to an infinite level and I think it somewhat has had a negative effect on the game. I’m hoping that this will create a deterrent and ultimately if it’s working we’re not talking going to be about it, and that’s what I’m hoping will materialize. I hope guys understand the impact of this and work at just trying to play the game and not create an environment where you’re putting the officials in bad places and it’s not flopping just defensively, we get a lot of flopping offensively as well.
Dennis Scott: I think the flopping rule is great. I wish we would’ve had it back in the '90s when I played. It cleans up the game and gives the offensive player more interest to drive the ball to the basket knowing that if a guy takes a charge it’s going to be legit and not someone just trying to flop. Also, for the big guys down low, they can use their strength and finesse to try and get to the rim without worrying about a guy flopping on a play.
Steve Smith: When you start to look at the flopping rule, people look at what catches you off guard which are the fines. It seems like referees will not have a hand in it. A committee will make the decision on the flops. I think they’ve got the players’ attention. I don't think it was an illegal act because everyone tries to find an advantage and I think you had to put more onus on the referees who do a phenomenal job. No one wants bad calls, but that’s in all sports.