Brent Barry: Lamar Odom or James Harden. I haven’t thought about it very deep because it’s hard to figure out before the season starts, but Lamar Odom could return to form, and be one of these guys who comes off the bench and explodes. It won’t be by the numbers, but by just what he can do and contribute. Harden’s role might be a little bit different, so it’s hard to tell before an actual month of basketball passes by.
Chris Webber: James Harden or Jason Terry. The Sixth Man of the Year in my mind is definitely between Jason Terry in Boston and Harden. Harden’s role is to be Sixth Man of the Year. Harden would be a starter on most teams, and if he doesn’t have a year where he’s nominated at least for the award, then he’s not doing his job because he’s supposed to be that impactful option off the bench. I’m looking at it as a competition between Harden and Terry.
Greg Anthony: James Harden or Jason Terry. They have a great chance to continue the trend they have set here. What’s going to be interesting is how teams decide to play moving forward. Since the rosters aren’t set, it’s hard to say who’s going to put who in what role. Lamar Odom is another guy who I think can have a big bounce back year. He’ll probably be in that sixth man role, so he’s someone I can see making a big jump this year.
Dennis Scott: Jason Terry. He has to have a big year if the Celtics think they can get back and challenge Miami again in the Eastern Conference Finals and get to the Finals. Terry has to have one of those Sixth Man of the Year type of seasons for them to get back.
Steve Smith: Nick Young, Jason Terry, or Jamal Crawford. I think Nick Young is one of those sleeper names. Obviously Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry have to be considered because they’re on winning teams. They’ve both done it for years and years and rightfully so. They’re both on playoff teams. I think also Nick Young for Philadelphia if he’s not starting could be Sixth Man of the Year.

**These predictions were given prior to James Harden's trade to the Houston Rockets**