Brent Barry: LeBron James. I will go out on a limb to say that LeBron has another MVP year. I do worry a little bit about exhaustion and fatigue level. I still believe his work ethic, the place that he wants to be in, and the level he wants to be considered will make him tough to beat.
Chris Webber: LeBron James. It’s really hard seeing anyone winning MVP over LeBron James right now. You have other candidates like Kevin Durant, but I think because he’s a scorer and because he has other explosive players on his team, it may be hard for him.
Greg Anthony: LeBron James. Right now it’s a toss-up between LeBron and Kevin Durant. I would lean slightly towards LeBron because I think he has to take more responsibility this year in part because the Heat will be small, which means he will have to play bigger like we saw this past Finals. I think that his overall impact will help him win the award, but I think that Kevin Durant at his age has so much more upside in terms of how much better a player he can become which is kind of scary.
Dennis Scott: Kevin Durant.
Steve Smith: LeBron James. He won it last year, but I think he'll take it again after seeing him in China this preseason. Looking at the team surrounding himbecause a lot of it has to do with the teamit looks like he hasn’t lost a step, and he seems more comfortable, so I have to give it to LeBron. A close second could be Kevin Durant.