Brent Barry: Jeff Teague, Paul George, or DeMarcus Cousins.There's no idea who may be moved where throughout the season so there's no cleary way of telling who'll improve. Someone like Jeff Teague who has more control of the team in Atlanta with Joe Johnson gone, or maybe Paul George who had made some great strides last year. By the numbers, you look at what [DeMarcus] Cousins can do for the Kings. He can have a pretty monster year statistically.
Chris Webber: I can't say until some games have been played.
Greg Anthony: Andray Blatche. With the Wizards he just didn’t really perform because of the lack of leadership, and I think that he’s a guy who will be more stable in this environment in Brooklyn. I think his talent is unquestioned, but his maturity level will be better. He’s going to get some more opportunities with this roster in Brooklyn.
Dennis Scott: Nicolas Batum. At the end of the year, he banged up his knee, didn’t get an extension, didn’t finish up the season strong. He got his money, now he’s going to be a starter the whole year. I look for him to have a breakout year.
Steve Smith: Klay Thompson. He’s a young kid who I think has one of those skill sets that has been lost in the league. He can flat out shoot the basketball and play with or without the basketball. I like his demeanor and approach, so I think he will win the award.