Brent Barry: Miami Heat. Another year together between LeBron, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh and last year they fought through a lot of physical problems, but I think they got over a lot of things on the mental side.
Chris Webber: Miami Heat. My prediction for the NBA Finals is Miami and the best team out of the West. It’s wide open between Miami and whoever comes out of the West. I think you always have to beat the champion so barring injury I would have to say Miami will be champions again.
Greg Anthony: Miami Heat or Oklahoma City Thunder. I’m leaning towards a rematch of last season between OKC and Miami again. Obviously the Lakers have improved, the Clippers have improved, so it’s no foregone conclusion right now, but today that’s where I would be leaning.
Dennis Scott: Miami Heat or Oklahoma City Thunder. Right now I have Miami and OKC getting back to the Finals, but it’s hard to say right now who’s going to win it all without seeing anybody play this year.
Steve Smith: Miami Heat. I would have to go with the Miami Heat repeating. When you look at them as a team that won the championship and then they added Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. Those are added strengths and there probably wasn’t much that they subtracted from their team. I think they have come together and I have them playing the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Finals. I think OKC gets back for the same reasons. Eric Maynor who was hurt and Perry Jones III will help them. I think the Lakers will battle OKC, but I see OKC and Miami in the Finals and Miami winning out.