At 38 years old, Marcus Camby isn't expected to play plenty of minutes for the Knicks this upcoming season. Even head coach Mike Woodson is keeping a level head when it comes to Camby's playing time, "If we can keep him healthy enough to give us some productive minutes—if it's going to be two, three, four minutes—then that's going to be a plus for us.” After all, New York's backup center has probably one or two years left in his career, right? Try, three. Because this past summer, the Knickerbockers signed The Cambyman to a three-year, $13.1 million deal and if you're surprised by that news, you're not alone. The guy receiving the checks is just as shocked that a GM would dole out that type of long-term contract for his services.

According to the New York Daily News, Camby confessed to his teammates during training camp that he was surprised by the deal he received, given his history of injuries and the fact that he's entering his 17th season. Of course, this is the Knicks front office we're talking about here and we're usually scratching our collective heads at their decisions on a yearly basis. 

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[via New York Daily News]