Lotus, as we all know, has had its share of corporate hiccups. Still, the excitement former CEO Danny Behar brought to the 2010 Paris Motor Show—unveiling 5 new cars—sure was infectious. Swizz Beatz came aboard, and we all wondered about the potential to revive the great British sportscar.

Sure, Bentley's doing a fine job keeping to its racing traditions. But, Lotus has stumbled. We've even considered how we'd do it better.

Rumors of cancellation for Lotus' flagship, the Esprit, seem to mark the true end of a classic in its current iteration. The revival sold by Behar hinged on this model. It has been axed now, a victim of poor and uncertain financing. Proof, perhaps, that over-ambition in the automotive world doesn't yeild success. Or, more possibly, that in the world of supercars slow and steady wins the race.

[via Autoblog]

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