On Thursday night, the Rams' Danny Amendola left the game early after suffering a separated SC joint when he tried to make a diving catch against the Cardinals. Since his collarbone did not break, Amendola will not require surgery. Lucky, right? Well, wait till you read what FOX's Jay Glazer revealed about the injury.

During a report on FOX's pregame show, Glazer explained that Amendola dislocated his clavicle, which actually popped in and could have threatened Amendola's trachea and aorta. The Rams' medical staff acted quickly, putting Amendola to sleep before popping the clavicle back into place and making sure it could not dislodge again.

Glazer adds that the Rams have called around the league to find a case of another player suffering a similar injury, but they could not find one. The absence of a case study for this particular injury makes it difficult for the Rams to know when Amendola might return. Though surgery is not required, it may take between four and eight weeks for the injury to heal to the point where Amendola can play.

Wow! Actually, saying "wow" probably doesn't do this story justice. Simply put, Amendola is one lucky guy.  

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[via Shutdown Corner]