Stepping onto a car lot is a bit like stepping onto a battlefield or into a sports arena. It's a competitive place. You and the car dealer that sticks to your side as soon as you set foot on the pavement actually have the same end goal. You want to buy a car, and that man or woman wants you to buy a car. The thing is these people are working off commission and are trying to get you to pay as much money as possible. 

The funny part is that car dealers act like they have the control. They don't. Not at all. You're the one that determines if you want the car or if you're walking off the lot to go home and eat some delicious home-cooked cornbread. Flip the dealer's aggressiveness and pressure back onto them with some ploys of your own to get the best deal on your new ride. If you do it right, they're actually pretty flexible. Here are 10 Ways To Talk Down a Car Salesperson

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