Date: April 2009

Unless you play for Ozzie Guillen, you can count on your manager to be pretty gracious in defending his current and former players. Managers are fiery guys, that face-to-face umpire arguing is perhaps the most inexplicable form of human interaction. But still, when it comes to players, managers seem to respect some sort of unwritten code. Unless you're Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston and someone asks you about Roger Clemens.

Gaston was allegedly shown the door (despite having won a pair of World Series rings with the club) because Clemens convinced Jays brass to bring Tim Johnson to the club. When asked about Clemens before Opening Day in '09, the former Jays skipper went off.

"He's an asshole. A complete asshole." Gaston responded, "When he's pitching, everyone's in the dugout pulling for him, but when he's not pitching he's not in the dugout."

After continuing his tirade with a story about Clemens undermining his authority in managerial decisions Gaston continued, "He wouldn't (confront me). One of us would have had an ass whuppin' that day. It might have been me, but he still would have known I was there."