Date: October 25, 1986

Bill Bucker takes a lot of heat for blowing the '86 World Series. That's good news for the guy who quit on his team because of a measly blood blister in that potentially series clinching Game 6. 

According to Red Sox manager Joe McNamara, a cruising Clemens pulled himself out of the game after the seventh inning by saying simply, "That's all I can pitch." At the time, the Red Sox were up a run. The bullpen went on to give up four runs (one infamously unearned) and the Mets went on to win the Series. 

Clemens told reporters after the game that he had fears of hanging his slider because of the blister. Makes sense. A guy nicknamed "The Rocket" needs his slider to bite. Clemens ultimately changed the tone of his story, but waited until after McNamara's firing to say he wanted to stay in the game.