Back in 1970, the NFL changed the name of the "world championship trophy" to the Vince Lombardi Trophy in order to honor the man who many consider to be the greatest football coach of all time. But, for whatever reason, former Cowboys great Michael Irvin thinks it's time for a change. Although he never played for him, Irvin has been so impressed by what Patriots coach Bill Belichick has done in New England over the last decade that he believes the NFL should somehow incorporate Belichick's name into the championship trophy.

"I think the world of Belichick," he told the Boston Herald recently. "I told him this. 'Man, if it was up to me, that trophy would be called the Lombardi/Belichick.' I don't care what they think. It would be called the Lombardi/Belichick. That's how good he is to do what he's doing in this day and age, what the league is now. I would call it the Lombardi/Belichick."

Hmmm…The Lombardi/Belichick? Really rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it? Great suggestion, Michael. Unfortunately, it's not up to you to decide what the name of the Super Bowl trophy is, so we're guessing the NFL will just stick with what's worked for the last forty-plus years. Thanks a lot, though.

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[via Pro Football Talk]