You know how every year there's a report released that tells you which NFL player's jersey sold the best during that particular NFL season? And then, you're all like, "No shit, of course Tim Tebow sold the most!" Well, during the 2012-13 NFL season, Dick's Sporting Goods is trying something different. They've set up the "Jersey Report"—an interactive tally of which NFL jerseys are selling the best during any given week. And, sort of surprisingly, the current tally does not include Tebow. Or, Tom Brady. Or, Aaron Rodgers. Or, Drew Brees. Or, hell, anyone who you drafted with the first pick in your fantasy draft.

Instead, the top-selling jersey right now, according to the Jersey Report, belongs to…Andrew Luck. And, his closest competitors? Well, they include the Manning brothers (okay, duh), Victor Cruz (that dude has really come up, hasn't he?), Luck's fellow rookie Robert Griffin III, and Rob Gronkowski (Gronk!). Make sure you keep tabs on the "Jersey Report" all season long to see who's selling and who isn't. If you do, that end-of-year report suddenly won't seem so surprising at the end of this season.

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[via Jersey Report]