Cornerback, Minnesota Vikings

As the infamous boat sex scandal ringleader, we’re putting this bender on Fred Smoot, although more than a dozen former Vikings (including Daunte Culpepper) participated.

Smoot organized and chartered a boat filled with his Viking teammates and strippers flown in from Atlanta. So far, sounds like the best bye week ever. During the voyage, Culpepper was alleged to have grabbed a stripper during a lap dance. Smoot was purported to have worked as a middle man between the business ends of a double sided dildo (use your imagination). And, perhaps most egregiously, 400-pound tackle Bryant McKinnie reportedly grabbed a stripper, laid her out on the bar and performed oral sex on her. (Yikes, dude! Keep your composure!) 

After the cruise the boat crew reported cleaning up spent condoms, K-Y Jelly, Handi wipes and sex toys. The scandal and subsequent media fall out resulted in criminal charges against four Vikings and guilty pleas from McKinnie and Smoot who were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and the appropriately named "being a nuisance on a watercraft."